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Nurturing PK-5 Choral Development

What does age-appropriate choral development look like from kindergarten to grade 5?

In this workshop, I'll show you how I guide elementary-age students from joyful exploration to beautiful part-singing using the fundamentals of Kodály pedagogy. Explore how singing games and play parties help set the foundation for research-backed, age-appropriate choral development.

In this session, educators will learn:

  • Activities I use to develop K-5 independent singing

  • How to transition from unison to part singing

  • How to engage upper grades with scaffolded challenge

  • How I get elementary-age students to sing in two and three parts beautifully

Nick Dolan workshop
Rustic pans

Folk Songs of 19th- and Early 20th-Century Oregon

I began researching folk songs of the Pacific Northwest during my final Kodály levels and realized there were very few collections of folk songs from Oregon that cross-referenced variants, and many claimed to be folk songs from Oregon but were only songs from other regions that made their way unchanged along the Oregon Trail. I sought to find authentic folk songs that originated in Oregon or were adapted from other songs to specifically reference the culture and history of Oregon settlements. The result of this research was a collection of 11 Anglo folk songs and rhymes.

In this session, educators will learn:

  • Historical and cultural influences

  • Genres including outlaw songs, miner songs, logger songs, cowboy songs, songs about Oregon, farming songs, counting out rhymes

  • Regional and popular variants

  • Classroom applications for teaching rhythm and solfa

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